Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Date Day

No, Americans are not required to own guns, nor do ALL Americans even own guns.

You will find that in the large cities it might be illegal to even carry a gun (though there is such a high crime rate in the cities involving guns). When you get to the more rural parts you will be more likely to find a gun in many households. They may be there for either hunting or for the protection of the family. Some call it a virtue to have a gun, or even a SIN if the head of the family does not own a gun (because he is not protecting his family).

One thing Josh was looking forward to was shooting. Simply shooting his gun at a target (he does want to go hunting, too). He asked that we could do this for one of our date days. Ok, I gave in.

It turned out to be a lovely day when we went to the property of a family friend. Josh did most of the shooting.

Because my arms are too whimpy I had to use a monopod. My arms still got tired!

My target.

I think Josh got it out of his system.


As We Sail... said...

Looks like fun. It's been a long time since your dad & I practiced. I know he's probably wanting to give the flint lock pistol another try.

Anonymous said...

Nice guns there, Josh!!